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Wealth Management

Put Your Assets to Work for You with Wealth Management Services

As your assets grow, the complexity of managing them effectively grows as well. Understanding how to put your investments to work for you to ensure you gain the maximum return on those assets isn’t easy. At Summit Capital Financial Group, we’re knowledgeable and experienced in managing a variety of assets and portfolios of considerable size and complexity.

We’ll place our entire team of wealth management professionals to work for you, ensuring that your assets are invested effectively and aligned with your personal financial goals. We also treat you as an active participant in investment decisions by educating you and consulting with you on important financial matters. With Summit Capital Financial Group, you’ll become a proactive partner in your own investment success.

Make Wealth Management Part of Your Financial Plan

A comprehensive financial plan should be supported by effective wealth management solutions. Your investments can provide a key source of financial growth now, as well as additional financial stability during your retirement years. If you’ve developed a financial plan or even a retirement plan, but you haven’t yet aligned that plan with your wealth management strategies, we can help.

Summit Capital Financial Group can examine your current financial circumstances, future goals, and existing retirement plan, then provide a wealth management recommendation that will align all of your assets with those goals. When your portfolio is supporting your long-term financial goals, you can feel confident and secure in your financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wealth Management

Wealth management is one of the most advanced and complex financial services available, so it’s not uncommon for our clients to be uncertain about what this service entails. We’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions we receive about wealth management below. If you have further questions, please reach out to us.

What Does a Wealth Manager Do?

Wealth managers generally work with affluent clients to create specially tailored investment strategies to effectively manage their assets. We create a holistic financial plan that takes all of your financial needs into consideration, and help to coordinate all of those needs to guide you to your financial goals. Our primary focus is on designing and managing complex investment portfolios to provide our clients with reliable growth of their wealth, as well as helping them minimize the amount lost to taxes.

To learn more about how Summit Capital Financial Group can help you, contact us.

What Is the Fee Structure for Wealth Management Services?

Like most wealth managers, our fees are based on the value of assets under management (AUM). We charge a flat percentage of that total value as our wealth advisory and management fee. This AUM fee structure provides you with the peace of mind that we’re committed to your success and growth. The more your assets grow, the more you earn, and the more we earn as well—so you never have to doubt our commitment to your financial success.

How Can I Reduce Taxes on My Capital Gains?

One of the major concerns with wealth management for affluent individuals is reducing the amount you pay in capital gains taxes. When you have a large portfolio, those taxes can take a significant portion of your portfolio growth each year. There are many strategies for reducing these taxes, and the right one for you will vary depending on your financial situation that year. However, here are some common strategies we utilize to minimize losses to this tax:

  1. Offset your gains by selling losing assets at the same time.
  2. Sell highly profitable assets when your other income is lower.
  3. Invest in index funds. This allows you to move money around inside the index fund with the penalty of a capital gains tax, and you can calculate distributions for a time when you face the smallest tax liability.
  4. Invest in growth stocks. The profits on these stocks are reinvested into the company instead of being paid to you, so you don’t pay taxes on dividends. Instead, you can make a nice profit when you sell, and plan that sale for a time with low tax liability.

An Experienced Wealth Management Team You Can Trust

At Summit Capital Financial Group, we offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and expertise by supporting your financial goals with our entire team of wealth managers. Our collaborative, team-focused approach provides you with a higher level of support and a broader range of experience, so you have a higher chance of reaching your financial goals. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our wealth management team to learn more about how we can help you manage your assets.



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